Wednesday, 16 December 2015

What's your bra size?

When we go to buy bras online or offline shop the first question comes in our mind "what's my bra size?"

Do you know whats your exact bra size? or which one should be best for you? Umm... I think No.... Am I right?....

Now no need to worry because you can measure your inner-wears size at home with measuring tape or online calculator. I'm going to explain it step by step just need to follow simple tips.

Measure bra size by online calculator 

Step 1. Whats your Age?

I know this is not relevant question but it'll help you to find perfect size.

Step 2. What bra size you use to wear mostly?

Step 3.  What is your shape? Rounded or Bottom Heavy.

Step 4. How much space in them? Touching/ Spread apart or Outward spread.

Step 5. Where do your breasts settle?

Step 6. How do your straps feel?  Falling off shoulders/Tight on shoulders or Sit fine on shoulders.

Just visit at following link and fill information and get your perfect fit. what's your bra size

Measure Bra size with measuring tape