Friday, 11 March 2016

Benefits of Sports Bra

Staying healthy and fit is one of the best ways of coping in today's world of hectic pace. After you have decided on your fitness routine, clothes come in next. And, believe me; here is where all my women friends go all wrong.
Attired in shorts, sports shoes and sweat socking tees, they tend to always go in for normal bras, which do not provide the much-needed support required during strenuous cardios. If you are one of them, then my friend, you will need to know the sports bra benefits.
Minimized breast movement
Bouncing breasts can not only be painful but also stress the tissues and tendons supporting your bustline. Why be in pain, when you can go for a sports bra. So, while you stretch, bounce and train your body into fitness, this bra will hold everything in place without making your feel squashed or strained.
The supreme support system
One of the best benefits of this bra is the support they provide. Whether you are on the large or small side, sports bras will always provide a support to your breasts, which have the tendency of going the gravitational way especially when you exercise.
Comfy and stylish
When it is your comfort sports bra score all the points. As 90% of these bras do not have an underwire, so no stabbing straps. Apart from this, now lingerie brands like Clovia, have also integrated special bra technology, which ensure better support and comfort on the sides, so no fear of bulges showing. Plus, the styles have also changed with racer backs being the highlight of the season.
Temperature control
I know your gym will have an air conditioner running but, when your body is sweating in full swing, then no air conditioner is going to work. Therefore you clothes need to ensure that your skin keeps on breathing. Nowadays, sports bras are made of special cotton and textured fabrics that help in soaking the sweat and creating air flow, thereby cooling the body.
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Shop 6 Piece Nighty Set India - Online Shopping Guide

Looking for 6 piece nighty set online in India? then your search ends here! Here you can order a 6 piece nighty set at discounted prices. Order Online Now

6 Piece Nighty Set

What are included in this set? 

  • Long Robe 
  • Long Nightie 
  • Short Sleeves Camisole 
  • Pajama 
  • Sleeveless Camisole 
  • Shorts 

6 Piece Nighty Set Fabric

  1. High quality embroidered lace
  2. Comfortable satin fabric
  3. Very Easy to wash

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Friday, 22 January 2016


Shopping lingerie from an offline store in India is a most irritable thing. We always get unwanted attention and meaningless advises from shopkeepers, so it's better to shop online at your home or any private place, Do when you know there is nobody going to interrupt you.

Top Benefits Of Online Lingerie Shopping in India

More privacy: 
Lingerie Shopping from the online lingerie website is more private than go to a off-line store. Reputed online websites never share your privacy with other, So always choose a well reputed website to shop lingerie online!

More variety: 
At the online store you can find more beautiful design and colors in one place and you don't have any need to go shop-to-shop. 

More savings: 
You can save a lot by shopping lingerie from a online store. Online websites offer a lot of discounts and offers, so you have to option to compare prices with other.

This is my personal experience of lingerie shopping from off-line stores and don't have any intention to hurt anybody.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Indian Bridal Nightwear - Red & Pink Honeymoon Bras, Panties, Nightwear & Corsets

Find sexiest collections of Indian bridal wear & honeymoon wear lingerie included bras, panties, dress, corsets, 1 piece nighty, 2 piece nighty, 3 piece nighty, 4 piece nighty sets online in India. All products are available in bridal matching colors like red and pink. Check out the latest collection of Indian Bridal wear:

Indian Bridal Corsets for Wedding Night or Honeymoon

Indian Bridal Bra & Panty Set for Wedding Night or Honeymoon

Indian Bridal 1 piece Nighty for Wedding Night/Honeymoon

Indian Bridal Bra for Wedding Night/Honeymoon

Indian Bridal 2 piece Nighty for Wedding Night/Honeymoon

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Which Bra Should I Wear?

Know About Bras

For small size breasts:  

If your breast is too small then you should wear a padded or plunge bra, it'll help to lift your breast.

If they sit quite far apart:  

Wear a balcony or full figure/full cup bra. It'll give a perfect shape and also lift your breast from bottom.

For little droopy Breasts: 

If you have droopy breasts then you should wear full cup bras or padded bra.

For large breast:  

If you have a large or plus size breast then should go with full figure and full cup bra. A full cup bra gives full support to your breasts.

For unequal breast: 

Always wear a fit size bra or you can use a filler for your smallest side.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift Idea for Her in India 2016

Are you looking for a valentines's day gift for your girlfriend? Still not able to find a perfect gift for her?....Sometimes it happens... So no need to get confused. Just take a deep breath and think what your girlfriend loves? ..

Being a girl I always prefer a lingerie gift from my boyfriend so may be she'll also like... So you can go through lingerie if you are comfortable in it. You can take some gift ideas from below lingerie items:

Gift Her a Baby Doll Dress: You can gift her a baby doll dress as a valentine nightwear gift. It will a best a choice for her and definitely she'll like it. So you must go for it.

Gift Her a Nightwear Set: If you are not comfortable to gifting her a baby doll dress then you have a another option; Gift her a nightwear set.

Gift Her a Bra: Girls always loves bras in her gift, so you can gift her a bra, but don't give her a ordinary bra so go with some good stuff like push up and padded bras.

Gift Her a Bikini: If you planning to go a beach for your holidays in the valentine's day then you must gift her a bikini set.

Hope you would like these ideas for valentine's day gift for her in 2016. For more posts keep reading this blog............................. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Different Types of Bras in India

Do you know how many types of bras are available in India? ...  If you don't know then don't worry as I'm going to share different types of bras below:

Know Different Types of Bras with Pictures

Padded Bra

The padded inside the bra mugs is planned to add completion to the bust line, and improve the presence of your bust. Padded bras can make your bosoms look bigger, and they can make bosom tissue seem more full and firmer.

Push Up Bra

A bra for fashion that creates the appearance of increased cleavage. Use angled cups containing padding that pushes the breasts inwards and upwards, towards the centre of the chest.

T-Shirt Bra

A T-shirt bras likewise called seamless bra, intended to be imperceptible even under the most clingy and tight fabrics. Their outline avoids transparent when wearing light sews, sleek shirts, and fitted tops. Making a ultra-smooth look, shirt bras are well known for ladies of all ages.

Strapless-Multiway Bra

You can wear this bra with or without strapless & multi-way. These clever bras are the perfect solution to tricky tops and dresses. Designed to provide support and shape under strapless, racer-back, halter-neck and one-shoulder styles, these multi-tasking bras won't let you down.

Balconette Bra

The measures of a balconette-style bra are cut in a way that uncover a greater amount of the top and inward parts of the bosoms. The straps are additionally set more extensive so that a greater amount of the mid-section and bear range is uncovered. Numerous balconette bras have cushioning to lift the bosoms.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is an extremely popular special occasion bra that vanishes under seductive and deep necklines. Plunge bras are specifically designed with low-cut shirts and v-neck and dresses in mind.

Tube Bra

A tube bra, also called a bandeau, is similar in shape and function to a basic STRAPLESS BRA, but is stretchier and can function as a top to wear under a loose blouse without looking like underwear.

Wire Bra

Is a bra that utilizes a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. The wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin.

Seamless Bra

Seamless bra is stiched without any visible seams that might get highligted below your dress.

Nursing Bra

Also called feeding bra, allowing extra room for when your milk comes in. It should never constrict or squeeze your breasts, even when closed.

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Best Bras for Backless Dresses in India

Oh... Shit I don't have a backless bra... how will i wear this dress? These are words that comes in our mind while we going to wear a backless dress, backless blouse or lower back dress. Now no need to worry! I'm going to share some best bras for backless dress.... Just have them and keep in your lingerie wardrobe.


This bra comes with transparent straps so you can wear very comfortably to with lower back, backless dress, backless blouse and t-shirts. 


This bra comes with transparent straps so it is very comfortable to wear with backless dresses, off shoulder dresses and tube tops. 


 Sexy and stylish transparent straps bra specially invented for backless dresses,  backless blouse and lower back dresses. Just buy in online in India and flaunt your back. 

We'll back with more amazing products. so keep reading our blog.......

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