Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Different Types of Bras in India

Do you know how many types of bras are available in India? ...  If you don't know then don't worry as I'm going to share different types of bras below:

Know Different Types of Bras with Pictures

Padded Bra

The padded inside the bra mugs is planned to add completion to the bust line, and improve the presence of your bust. Padded bras can make your bosoms look bigger, and they can make bosom tissue seem more full and firmer.

Push Up Bra

A bra for fashion that creates the appearance of increased cleavage. Use angled cups containing padding that pushes the breasts inwards and upwards, towards the centre of the chest.

T-Shirt Bra

A T-shirt bras likewise called seamless bra, intended to be imperceptible even under the most clingy and tight fabrics. Their outline avoids transparent when wearing light sews, sleek shirts, and fitted tops. Making a ultra-smooth look, shirt bras are well known for ladies of all ages.

Strapless-Multiway Bra

You can wear this bra with or without strapless & multi-way. These clever bras are the perfect solution to tricky tops and dresses. Designed to provide support and shape under strapless, racer-back, halter-neck and one-shoulder styles, these multi-tasking bras won't let you down.

Balconette Bra

The measures of a balconette-style bra are cut in a way that uncover a greater amount of the top and inward parts of the bosoms. The straps are additionally set more extensive so that a greater amount of the mid-section and bear range is uncovered. Numerous balconette bras have cushioning to lift the bosoms.

Plunge Bra

A plunge bra is an extremely popular special occasion bra that vanishes under seductive and deep necklines. Plunge bras are specifically designed with low-cut shirts and v-neck and dresses in mind.

Tube Bra

A tube bra, also called a bandeau, is similar in shape and function to a basic STRAPLESS BRA, but is stretchier and can function as a top to wear under a loose blouse without looking like underwear.

Wire Bra

Is a bra that utilizes a thin, semi-circular strip of rigid material fitted inside the brassiere fabric. The wire may be made of metal, plastic, or resin.

Seamless Bra

Seamless bra is stiched without any visible seams that might get highligted below your dress.

Nursing Bra

Also called feeding bra, allowing extra room for when your milk comes in. It should never constrict or squeeze your breasts, even when closed.

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