Friday, 15 January 2016

Which Bra Should I Wear?

Know About Bras

For small size breasts:  

If your breast is too small then you should wear a padded or plunge bra, it'll help to lift your breast.

If they sit quite far apart:  

Wear a balcony or full figure/full cup bra. It'll give a perfect shape and also lift your breast from bottom.

For little droopy Breasts: 

If you have droopy breasts then you should wear full cup bras or padded bra.

For large breast:  

If you have a large or plus size breast then should go with full figure and full cup bra. A full cup bra gives full support to your breasts.

For unequal breast: 

Always wear a fit size bra or you can use a filler for your smallest side.

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